Kids Recipes – 4th of July Spaghetti

4th of July is full of family gatherings and celebrations so why not add some fun Kids Recipes to the mix?  This is super easy and tasty dish is one the kids can make!  Kids Recipes that the family will enjoy – FOURTH OF JULY SPAGHETTI!

Red White and Blue Spaghetti 4th of July

Kids Recipes – 4th of July Spaghetti


  • Cooked Spaghetti
  • Food Coloring – Red and Blue
  • 2 Zip Lock Baggies

Red White and Blue Spaghetti

Kids Recipes – 4th of July Spaghetti

I’m often worried the food coloring will leave a “weird” taste for my kids.  Kids notice anything out of the ordinary like a pack of greyhounds in my house.  Those recipes where you sneak in veggies never went over well and turned into a discussion of why lying and deceiving are technically the same thing but different when mommy does it…..oye.

Needless to say, when kids help with this recipe, there’s a pride while eating it.  Which I think adds into the American theme: Pride.  Being a pasta based family, we’ll be doing this for all holidays and of course those special days when rainbow spaghetti is all a mom can do to help a little girl smile.

Red White and Blue Spaghetti Dinner

Kids Recipes – 4th of July Spaghetti

Adding the color to make the 4th of July Spaghetti not only didn’t change the taste of the pasta, but got this mom lots of Cool Mom points!  I base my success on these, till they turn 10 at least.

I added a meatball sandwhich to keep this meal easy and tasty!  I used the meatballs from Costco (no one tell my husbands family, I’m sure there’s some law against feeding Italians frozen meatballs!) warmed them up and served with spaghetti sauce (yes, from a jar – gasp!).  Kids loved them and I didn’t see husband complain, even after the second helping!

Enjoy and eat well!


  1. says

    We might have to revoke your honorary Italian card for 2 infractions of the dietary code in one meal :0

    • Vegas Informant says

      LOL Jami! My husband is the Italian and refused to eat the colored noodles, I made him his own batch! I’ll earn my card back in future recipes….I hope!


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