Peg + Cat | New PBS Kids Show

PBS Kids is introducing a brand new show, Peg + Cat where kids are introduced to math concepts and problem solving.  The spunky Peg is joined with her best friend Cat as they work on life’s problems with math!  They introduce preschoolers to fundamental math concepts in a fun and musical way.

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Peg + Cat | New PBS Kids Show

We were able to get a sneak peak of the upcoming PBS Kids Show PEG + CAT -The Chicken Problem!  Best friends PEG + CAT, which is really called PEG “plus” CAT not PEG and CAT, work on collecting chicks in groups of 10 with the always helpful Ramone.  Ramone pops up in the episodes to help Peg find solutions and suggests mathematical solutions to her problems.  Ramone is very helpful!

Each episode features fascinating stories in which Peg + Cat encounter a problem that requires them to use math and problem solving skills in order to move forward.

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Peg + Cat | New PBS Kids Show

The second show we were able to see showed Peg + Cat in a make believe kingdom as they helped a mermaid (my kids fav part!) find her golden pyramids.  My 1st graders were excited to see how Peg + Cat learned about spheres, cubes, and group counting.  I really found this program to be for a wide range of ages even though the market it for preschoolers.

This is an upbeat show that moves quickly, keeping kids attention and interest.  I loved the music as it was catchy and educational – truly, it was cute!

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From the Peg + Cat producers:

Every half-hour episode of PEG + CAT will feature two stories, each an eleven-minute adventure in which Peg and Cat find themselves thrust into an unexpected math word problem. But it’s not just an abstract academic exercise for them — it’s a messy and funny quandary they have to solve. The show focuses not only on helping kids build math skills, such as how to add or subtract, but on how to think about larger math concepts as well — concepts that form the foundation for learning math at any level, from kindergarten to calculus. In each episode, Peg and Cat use foundational concepts like relative size, geometry and algebraic thinking to solve the problem and save the day. The series’ curriculum is based on Common Core State Standards.

Peg and Cat’s adventures take them through worlds of infinite possibilities — from farms to purple planets, from 16th-century Verona to New York’s Radio City Music Hall, from a land of pirates to a prehistoric valley — demonstrating that math is everywhere.

PEG + CAT stories are at once engaging, appealing, accessible and age-appropriate. As Peg solves a seemingly insurmountable problem, she has to think through what went wrong and how she can get back on track. Life skills such as cooperation are also important parts of the series, as Peg and her friends have to work together to solve problems; and since Peg might not get it right the first time, viewers also see value of learning from mistakes and  experimentation. Music is also used as a teaching tool throughout the math series; each episode features an original song.


See the Peg + Cat website to play these fun games!

  • Scrub a Dub
  • 321 Snack
  • Chicken Dance
  • Chicken Blastoff
  • Magical Shape Hunt
  • Peg’s Pizza Place
  • Star Swiper
  • Hungry Pirates
  • Rock Art
  • Costume Box
  • Paint-a-long
  • PEG + CAT Adventures

Peg + Cat | New PBS Kids Show will be airing on Vegas PBS starting October 7th at 9am with a special 1 hour block.

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  1. Shauna says

    I love, love, love PBS shows, yet haven’t seen this one yet. Thanks so much, I will keep my eye out for it!

  2. monica says

    This looks like the kind of show that my two kids would LOVE. I really like the educational component (I feel better when screen time is educational!).

  3. says

    My “little” one is now grown, but I know she would have loved this show. The adventures sound like so much fun and I love the characters!

  4. says

    I love, love, love PBS shows, yet haven’t seen this one yet.
    I love how PBS rounds out their programming to teach little ones everything they need to know before they start school.
    Can not wait to introduce my daughter to this one!

    • Vegas Informant says

      It is such a cute show and I love how it encourages GIRLS to naturally enjoy math. Plus the cat is pretty cute too :)

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