Target’s Dollar Spot

The Dollar Spot in Target

has some cool things!

I’m the first to admit to my very active Dollar Spot addiction.  I even have convinced friends to help me in this addiction.  Oh let’s be honest, I’ve even used my Facebook page to help now and then.

But this is an addiction I will hold onto.  Where else can you find a kite that wont fall apart the day you buy it (even the more expensive plastic kites do this!), adorable character squirt guns that even toddlers can press the triggers on, and although not a “dollar” though still found IN the Dollar Spot….the super cool, no batteries needed, comes in 3 colors hand held mister?


Target Dollar Spot Kite

Let’s start with this adorable kite.  Firstly, it’s $1 – you’ve already won.  I brought this home expecting it to either be impossible to put together (I’m direction challenged), fall apart the moment my kids take it out to fly it, or be missing parts.  Well, none of that happened.

Please do not ask me why, but I brought all the kites outside to assemble.  It wasn’t windy when I started, though Murphy’s Law took notice of my plan and jumped into action with spotty breezes teasing me with the want to go inside to finish but not really the need.

Each kite took less the 60 seconds to put together, seriously…one of my daughters is obsessed with some stop watch app on my phone.  So I can really say that for a fact.


Target Dollar Spot Kite

The girls spent about an hour running laps in our backyard, occasionally slamming into each other as they looked behind to see how high the kite had gone.  I regret not getting this on video.  The best part was when one of the girls would stop to see how far up the kite was to only have it dive bomb her.  I laughed so hard I cried….the first dozen times at least.

The Dollar Spot in Target has some cool things!

The $2.50 Hand Held Mister.  Comes in Black, Pink, Blue, and Green.  No batteries needed (YAY!)

Target Dollar Spot Mister in action

Our poor cat.  He had no idea this was going to be tested mainly on him.  I tried to warn him but you know cats, they know best.  Okay, so I showed the twins where he was sun bathing….he was pretty smug about refusing to clear the patio as I brought these out.  Guess I knew best, huh kitty?
These Hand Held Misters are awesome.  My 5 year olds were able to prime them with a few pumps from the base.  Our 3 year olds couldn’t, though she has continued to try all day so I’m assuming she’ll figure out some way to achieve this.  There’s a button on the front you push to begin the fine mist, also impossible for my 3 year old to press hard enough on.  These may sound like down falls to the product, but to me they were bonuses.  *You’ll see why in the water gun review below.

The reservoir is pretty small, but if you have a water bottle with you or access to a water fountain, then you’ll be fine.  But for a hike or long walk, it takes up too much room unless you have a stroller.  I bought 3 of these and one was broken.  Which I figured would be the case considering how cheap it was.  But it just doesn’t seem cheaply made.  Definitely worth the $2.50!


Target Dollar Spot squirt guns The cutest water guns EVER!  For $1 each you just can’t complain.  I bought one for each kiddo but could see in the bin that they’re are 5 different styles.  These were easier to press then the regular guns we bought in bulk that really are shaped like guns.  Being my husband is a gun smith we discourage any thing looking like a gun being treated as a toy.

Apparently these cute water toys can be used to water the plants:

Target Dollar Spot squirt guns great for watering gardens

Or used to refresh yourself after hard work in the garden:

Target Dollar Spot squirt guns Refreshing!

Either way you use them, they’re a great buy for $1 each!  Target’s Dollar Spot has some awesome deals, and some duds.  I’ll happily share my finds!


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