The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Fun Easter Egg Hunts for Families

A Fun Easter Egg Hunt for Bigger Kids!
We love this idea using QR kids to keep the family time festive this year, no matter old you are!

Interactive Easter Egg Hunt

My sister introduced me to this idea last year and we LOVE it. Fill your eggs with “tasks” that can be done by any member of your family! As you open your eggs you have to perform that task! The tasks can be easy or hard depending on the age range in your family!

Some ideas include:
Hop Like a Bunny
Quack Like a Duck
Do 10 jumping jacks
Sing your alphabet
Count backward from 100
The possibilities are endless!

We found this great printable from Alice and Lois to make it a little easier for you!

Special Privilege Egg Hunt

This might be my boys’ new favorite Easter Egg hunt. I found this on Over the Big Moon and let’s just say I am over the moon about this idea! We did this fun hunt in 2020 and have been incorporating it in to our egg-cellent festivities every year since!

Easter Egg Flowers

Need to keep the hunting to a small area! Try these Easter Egg flowers! They’re easy and a fun way to find your eggs on Easter morning!

Alphabet Hunt

Find all of your ABCs on this super fun hunt! Grab the details and the printable from About A Mom!

You can also take this idea and use it for any number of learning applications including sight words and counting!

Puzzle Egg Hunt

This is another fun one that we have enjoyed in our home! Take the pieces of a puzzle and hide them in the Easter Eggs. The kids will know the hunt is done when their puzzle is put together!

Larger families and those with older children can do this together with a large puzzle.

Working with smaller groups or younger children? Consider giving each child a puzzle and color-coding the eggs!


Did you know you could track E.B. from Easter Island right down to Las Vegas and Henderson?

Follow the Tracker!


Exercise those Eggs
We all have a little cabin fever right now. Keep the little moving on Easter with a hunt that focuses on moving their body, in all the right ways!

LEGO Egg Hunt
No doubt your kids have asked for some LEGO to fill their Easter baskets or you just need a great reason to give them more to keep their hands and minds busy during quarantine! This is the perfect hunt for LEGO lovers. Hide mini-figures in eggs. Use a small LEGO set and split it up between eggs. Like the puzzle hunt you can choose to do small sets and color code the eggs or do a larger set the family has to find and build together! No matter how you do it, the end result is family fun!

Scavenger Hunt
Not feeling the egg hunt but still looking for some Easter games. This scavenger hunt idea from Happiness is Homemade is a great way to engage older kids with a big win at the end.



How to Egg Your Friends


Glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunts have always been a favorite tradition for our boys. I was thrilled when I saw Heather Thoming post this idea on her Instagram!

We will be sharing this festive fun with our friends this year and of course, having our own glow-in-the-dark egg hunt at home too!

We are dropping eggs in a “ding dong ditch” fashion to avoid contact.

Finding what you need for a glow-in-the-dark hunt may be a little tricky this year, but you can still “egg” your friends in other ways! Drop filled eggs at their door or hide them in their yard, but remember, lack of contact is always best practice when egging!


Here are a few of our favorite templates to use when egging!