Chuckle & Roar

Preschoolers are busy. If their body isn’t moving their mouth is. They are learning about the world around them and figuring things out by touching, moving, pulling, and fully immersing themselves in their activities. As a teacher mom I’m always on the lookout for quality, affordable, learning toys that of course have to be fun and engaging to keep the busy preschooler occupied. 

Chuckle and Roar, the newest line of children’s toys found exclusively at Target, checks ALL of these requirements. They even go above and beyond by doubling as storage! The chalkboard easel turns into a box to hold the markers, chalk and magnets. The building blocks store in the same container used to play along with a special compartment to keep the playing cards. 

Products We Tried

ABC Learning Blocks Set ($14.99) – Use this set of premium wooden alphabet blocks featuring letters, colors, and shapes to solve the spelling, counting, and finding challenges on the 50 challenge cards included.
Travel Easel ($14.99) – This portable travel easel includes endless play and learning activities. Includes: a reversible art board with a chalkboard on one side and a magnetic dry erase board on the other, 70 magnets to learn letters, numbers, days of the week, and creativity, and Challenge Book that includes games, challenges, and play ideas to build math, reading, and creativity skills.
Learn & Play Flash Cards ($5.99) – This colorful flashcard game includes four packs of cards covering letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and sight words from pre-K to first grade.
Whoa Dough ($3.99) – This non-toxic modeling dough provides a creative sensory experience and is allergy-friendly (gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free, egg-free)

What We Loved 

  • All in one storage – each of the toys stores within it’s own container. This means clean up is super easy and pieces all have a home within the toy. It also makes for excellent travel toys. When we road trip to Grandma’s house I always bring a few toys along. The handle on the Learning Blocks Set and lid on the Travel Easel allows for easy traveling. 
  • High quality – the toys are sturdy and well made. The blocks have withstood tons of tower toppling. The cards and magnets are not flimsy which means they can be handled by toddler and preschooler hands without worrying that they’ll immediately rip or ruin. 
  • Affordable – the Chuckle & Roar line offers a wide range of high-quality play-based learning toys under $15.
  • Engaging – these toys kept Lucy engaged long enough for me to get work done, get chores done around the house, and her siblings joined in on the fun with her. 
  • Multiple uses – I love when toys have more than one use.
    • The Travel Easel artboard is reversible so preschoolers can practice writing with dry erase and chalk. It includes over 70 magnets which help teach early reading skills, days of the week (sequencing, word recognition, executive functioning skills), story telling (social skills, verbal skills, story sequence), early math concepts, and spelling. 
    • The ABC Learning Blocks Set gives early learners the opportunity to practice letter recognition, letter matching, phonics practice, early reading skills, verbal skills and of course early math concepts by stacking and building with the blocks. Lucy loves stacking them and I include learning activities by stacking letters to make words or asking her what the pictures on the blocks are as she stacks. 
    • Whoa Dough is the family favorite. It’s softer than playdoh and thicker than slime so it has a consistency that is super sensory pleasing. The vibrant colors are perfect for introducing color identification or adding to a sensory play box. 

These are a fabulous addition to any preschool playroom or classroom! 

Where to Find Chuckle & Roar

This fun line of learning toys is exclusively available at Target, in store and online