Fingerlicking Foodie Tours: Downtown

A Unique Foodie Experience in Las Vegas

When we discovered Fingerlicking Foodie Tours we knew we’d found something special. We are lucky to live in Las Vegas where date nights can be anything we want them to be including world-class dining. If you’re following us on Instagram you know that The Husband and I love Downtown Las Vegas, and we love to eat. 

While we enjoy planning a date night or exploring through an area of town, we also loved the idea of leaving ALL the planning to Fingerlicking Foodie Tours. It’s all so simple. You choose your destination from:

📍 Downtown

📍 Arts District

📍 Aria

📍 Chinatown

Each tour features 3 restaurants.

Each restaurant on the self-guided tour has a special menu for you, along with an add-on beverage menu. The entire tour is walkable which was a nice time to really enjoy each other’s company. 


Fingerlicking Foodie Tours: Downtown Las Vegas

We chose the Downtown Tour for our date night. Each restaurant was about a 5-minute walk, a perfect stroll between courses. We parked at the first location and walked to each new location. 

One of my favorite things about this specific tour is that all the restaurants are locally owned and operated.  It’s important to us to support super-local so I appreciated that Fingerlicking Foodie Tours has partnered with local restaurants to bring a fun, new experience. 

Before the tour, I received all the details in an email, including an introductory video. While the tour is self-guided there are start and end times at each restaurant. I thought it might feel rushed but all the details are well planned and allow for enough time to enjoy each course and make it to the next destination. 

Our night began at Carson’s Kitchen where we were greeted and immediately sat at a cozy table. We let our server know we were there on the tour and she took our drink orders. The portions and flavor profiles were just right!

We enjoyed tapas style servings; including a veal meatball and caviar topped hard-boiled eggs at @carsonkitchen. From there we walked over to @therapy_lv These portions were also served tapas style and included a colorful chicken and waffles slider, and beet salad. Do not be fooled by the size, these portions are just right to prepare you for the final course served at 7th and Carson. After Therapy you can walk around Container Park  or take your time heading over to @7thandcarson At 7th & Carson we were served the grilled pear and arugula salad, wild mushrooms and fish and chips. 7th and Carson is one of the few places with a fish and chips that I’m happy to recommend. The night ended with a delectable dessert.  

By the end of the night we had tried 10 new menu items, craft beers and signature cocktails. Fingerlicking Foodie Tours is a unique way to try new restaurants, explore downtown and enjoy a stress free date night in Las Vegas.