Easter Egg Experiment

Since Spring Break and Easter almost always line up, it’s a great time to do a fun experiment in the kitchen with your kids. Skip the store bought egg dyes with who knows what in them, and have some fun using food to dye Easter Eggs!

Using Food to Dye Easter Eggs

Did you know yellow onion skins turn eggs a deep orange or that red cabbage can make a brilliant blue hue? Your kids will love picking up some produce with you at the store and then heading home to dye their eggs! It’s a super simple activity that will keep them from saying “MOM, I’m bored”!

My two boys loved watching the water turn color with the food. The colors of the eggs and the intensity of the color is up to you! The longer you leave the eggs in the dye the brighter the color. I loved how each egg came out really unique. You can also use rubber bands to create stripes/patterns or a wax crayon to draw on the eggs before you dye them.

If using food isn’t something you want to do, but you still want a more natural egg dye, try Eco Kids Egg Coloring Kit!

Head over to Our Knight Life full post on naturally dyeing Easter Eggs to get all the directions you need to start this spring break Easter activity with your family!

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