Grand Canyon Skywalk

The West Rim of the Grand Canyon is a short day trip from Las Vegas and full of fun and adventure for the entire family. There’s more to explore than just the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

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grand canyon skywalk

Things to know before you go to Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Grand Canyon is one the world’s Seen Natural wonders!  Grand Canyon Skywalk offers unparalleled views of one of the world’s most famous canyon.  The 10-foot wide, horseshoe-shaped glass bridge extends 70 feet out over the rim of the Grand Canyon, giving you a clear view 4,000 feet to the Canyon floor below.

There’ is nothing comparable to stepping out on glass thousands of feet in the air. Don’t be nervous to head out on the Skywalk, it is strong enough to hold seventy fully loaded 747 passenger jets.

You must store your personal belongings before accessing the Skywalk  including but not limited to cell phones, cameras, purses, backpacks, and water bottles. Lockers are free.

Shoes are required, and booties are provided (and required)  to protect the glass.

Professional photographers are on hand to take pictures. Photos can be purchased per printed photo or as a bundle on a USB drive when you exit Skywalk. Our photographer Shadow took great care of us and even provided lots of fun facts and history!

Prepare for the elements. We thought it would be extremely hot, but it was cool and windy. Pack sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, and bring plenty of water.

There are no private vehicles allowed past the visitor center. A shuttle will take you to the Skywalk/Eagle Point and Guano Point.

Things to do at Grand Canyon Skywalk

General Admission tickets allow you to explore the Skywalk area, Eagle Point, and Guano Point. A separate ticket is needed for admission to the Skywalk.

American cuisine is offered in the Sky View Restaurant, featuring dramatic panoramic views of the Skywalk and Eagle Point through floor-to-ceiling windows.

There are no phones/cameras allowed on the Skywalk.  

While at the Skywalk and Eagle Point you can do a self-guided tour through the Native American Village and stroll through traditionally built housing, ovens, and sweat lodges. 

Guano Point is a short shuttle ride to view more of the Grand Canyon, with spectacular views of the Colorado River. You can visit the remnants of a historic tram that once stretched 8,800 feet across the canyon to a Guano “bat droppings” mine.

We enjoyed the Highpoint Hike which is an easy to moderate short hike that offers stunning 360 views of the canyon. 

Please be respectful of the land. Watch your littles and your step. There are no railings aside from the actual Skywalk.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Additional Adventures at Grand Canyon Skywalk

Helicopter and aeriel tours, river tours, ziplining, camping, and Colorado River rafting are all available in the area. Please make reservations if you want to do any of these excursions.


The zipline takes  you 500 feet over the canyon at a quick pace of 40 miles per hour. The zip line is 3200 feet!


Whitewater rafting is a thrilling way to experience the Grand Canyon, and whitewater rafting at Grand Canyon West is truly an experience like no other. Hualapai River Runners offers the only 1-day whitewater rafting tours of the Colorado River, as well as 2-day adventures.


Directions to Grand Canyon West Rim and the Grand Canyon Skywalk

Address:  5001 Diamond Bar, Peach Springs, AZ is the best for GPS. Keep going just past that and you will see the check-in lot.

Grand Canyon West is located on the Hualapai Reservation at the west rim of the Grand Canyon, with the white water rafting and Hualapai Lodge located in Peach Springs, Arizona. Use this map to find your way to your next grand adventure.