Las Vegas Christmas Lights

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The Best Las Vegas Christmas Lights

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For more than 10 years Vegas Family Guide has provided a custom-curated map of local attractions and homes offering drive-worthy Christmas light displays. Each year we edit the map of Las Vegas Christmas lights to make sure each home and attraction is worth your drive. So hop in the car, grab some hot cocoa, and enjoy the beauty of the holiday season throughout our beautiful city. 

This post and its maps are updated daily through December!

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 Ethel M’s Cactus Garden Holiday Lights

For 28 years, Ethel M’s has decorated its cactus garden for Christmas in Las Vegas. With more than one million lights, the largest cactus garden in Southern Nevada is a treasured local tradition. The Factory Store is open and you DO NOT need a reservation. $1 entry per person. This goes to support Three Square and Help of Southern Nevada. Santa Claus will be available for photos throughout the season but not every night since he’s so busy at this time of year!

Glittering Lights

Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway features approximately 2.5 miles of lights, millions and millions of twinkling lights, making for a great holiday experience for family and friends. This Christmas in Las Vegas tradition brings you many custom light displays and never-before-seen lights (as well as some of our old favorites). Named 7 Over-The-Top Holiday Light Displays You Gotta See by Huffington Post. Grab a Groupon! The lights will shine through January! Tickets start at $29 per car. 

The House on Robindale

If you thought the home at 1420 E. Robindale was a hypnotic experience, there’s a reason, it’s hypnotist Marc Savard’s home.  This amazing light display, set to music captures the attention of the Valley each year. It’s a must see and worth the drive.  Check back for details. This home historically lights up after Thanksgiving.

The House on Fifth Street in Boulder City

The award-winning home at 1525 5th Street in Boulder City was the 2016 winner of The Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC. Homeowner Dale Ryan is often out and handing out candy to guests at the walk-thru display.

More Las Vegas Christmas Lights

Enchant Las Vegas Magical Forest Linq Promenade Holiday Parade at Downtown Summerlin Mystic Falls Park Miracle on Spring Mountain (21+ only) Santa’s Electric Night Parade St. Jude’s Ranch for Children Annual Nights of Lights

Boulder City Christmas Lights

Plus enjoy these other homes in Boulder City. Thanks to the Boulder City Review for this information.  1327 Pinto Road – The Christmas display fills the yard at this house with lights, faux snow, and holiday characters. Highlights include white and multicolored lights on the house and a sled track with polar bears. 701 Seventh St. – This house on Seventh Street hosts a traditional Christmas display with red bows, icicle lights, candy canes, and pine trees. 1200 Avenue I – The Hooper-Broughear family has a holiday display that includes lights, inflatable characters, and a shout-out to a favorite football team. The decorations also feature holiday favorites like Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman. Angora Family Nativity, 1296 Lynwood St. – Open for its 62nd year, this Nativity scene created by Rich Angora features a waterfall, twinkling stars, and simulated fire. The figures are paper-mâché and hand-carved from wood. It is open until 10 p.m. daily and best viewed after dark. There is also a guest book to sign, and hot chocolate is served. 1713 Teakwood St, 89005

Las Vegas Christmas Lights Displays

Note:  Please check the comments on this post as our readers are awesome about updating us when homes are no longer participating and informing us of new homes to visit! Thank you!  Note: Homes with red snowflakes have been confirmed for the 2022 holiday season. We update daily and never delete past homes until we confirm they are not participating. 

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North Las Vegas Christmas Lights

Find more homes on our Google Maps – updated daily!  4865 N Goldfield St, North Las Vegas, 89031 – Lorena let us know about the home that is on the corner of Goldfield Street and Verde, right next to Elizondo Elementary. We have listed the elementary school address for mapping purposes. (not confirmed for 2022 yet!) Vincelli Avenue, North Las Vegas – This street in North Las Vegas traditionally has more than 20 homes decorated with Christmas lights over more than 1/2 mile.  3004 Gannon Ridge Avenue, North Las Vegas, NV 89081 – “a beautiful home full of lights” according to Jayci 2975 Maverick Street, 89108 – This home has holographic projections. (not confirmed for 2022 yet!) 1216 Coral Isle Way, Las Vegas, 89108 3337 Winter Haven Street, Las Vegas 89108 5540 Jose Leon St, North Las Vegas, 89031 4032 Solar System St, North Las Vegas, 89032 2121 Armadale Drive, 89031 – waiting for Cadillac to let us know when his home is ready for 2022!  3873 E Cinnamonwood Way, Las Vegas, 89115

Lots more North Las Vegas Christmas Lights listed on our map! 

Northwest Las Vegas Christmas Lights

Find more homes on our Google Maps – updated daily!  8113 Orchard Glen Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89131   9218 Forest Meadows Ave, Las Vegas, 89149 – Lots of inflatables 4434 Rehoboth Bay St, Las Vegas, NV 89129 3646 Carol Lark Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89129 – More than 12,000 lights decorate this home. Tune into 101.1 FM to hear music that is synchronized to the lights. (not confirmed for 2022 yet) 8080 W Red Coach Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89129 said to be one of the best displays in town  5785 W. Cheyenne Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89108 – This home has a 40-year tradition of Christmas lights! 9040 White Eyes Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89143 – According to Todd this house has a train on the lower roof and is worth the drive. 7416 Via Rimini, Las Vegas – Robert says this house has lights and more than 84 inflatables. It’s “inflata-crazy” 6625 North Pioneer Drive, Las Vegas, NV, 89131– This home is lit from 5pm – 930pm. There is a show every half hour. The home is accepting food donations for location organizations. 4601 Gonzales Drive, 89130 – Visit the Christmas Mountain Village display open daily through December from 5pm – 9pm. Please walk up the driveway as the display is in the garage. – This information was submitted by the homeowner. Lark Meadow Avenue, 89131 – multiple houses on this street 7405 Forest Ivy St,  89131 7800 White Grass Ave,  89131 Silver Mallard Ave, 89131 – multiple homes on this street 7704 Meadowrobin Ave,  89131 7865 Lovely Pine Place,  89131 7317 Tealwood Street,  89131 7204 Eaglegate Street,  89131 – multiple homes decorated with Christmas Lights 7201 Hawk Haven St 89131 7209 Eagle Crest St 89131 5620 Dunshee Vista Ave, Las Vegas, 89131

East Las Vegas Christmas Lights (Sunrise Manor)

2441 E Vegas Valley Dr, Las Vegas, 89121 4135 Seville Street, Las Vegas, 89121 Sands Point Circle & Harmon, Las Vegas 89121 – Bradley said this is the best in the neighborhood 6564 Marco Vista Avenue– Thanks to Veronica for letting us know about her home. 802 N Christy Ln, Las Vegas, 89110 1854 Roxbury Ln, Las Vegas, 89119 1759 Colt Pl, Las Vegas, 89119 Rawhide Street, Las Vegas 89119

Summerlin/SouthWest Las Vegas Christmas Lights

2640 S. Buffalo Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89117 7951 Home Light Street, Las Vegas, NV 89139 This popular home was sold. Thanks Lena!  4088 Mita Way, Las Vegas, NV 89141 – a computerized light show set to Christmas songs. 651 Hayborn Meadows St, Las Vegas, 89138 9962 S Silver Cliff Street, 89178 Around the corner from Silver Cliff Ave you can find a Star Wars decorated house on Buffalo Park Avenue. Both are included on our map. 9232 W Viking Rd, Las Vegas, 89147 8610 Mohawk Street, Las Vegas, 89139


East & Central Las Vegas Christmas Lights

1941 Houston Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89104 1101 Bracken Avenue, Las Vegas, 89104 – This home loves inflatables Starks Drive, Las Vegas 89107 2820 Searles Avenue, Las Vegas 89101 200 North Pecos, Las Vegas 89101 1263 Campbell Drive, Las Vegas, 89102 In the area, several homes on Hillcrest Avenue are also lit.

Southeast Las Vegas Christmas Lights

8232 Huxley St, Las Vegas, NV 89123   *we’ve been told by readers there’s another decorated home just down the road from this one too! 449 Kelsford, Silverado Ranch – this house may be better than the Robindale house, according to Lisa.

Henderson Christmas Lights

2091 Fallsburg Way, Henderson, NV 89002 240 W. Fairway Road, Henderson, NV, 89012 –  This home apparently has a baseball-themed display. 392 Decaro Court, Henderson, NV – Thanks for the tip Rick! This house is synced to music. Black Fox Canyon Road, Henderson, NV, 89052 – Jackyline sent in this street to us. We have no additional details. 2410 High Vista Drive, Henderson – According to Star this house is pretty amazing. 730 Bollons Island Street, Henderson, NV 89002 The light show has 2 songs including Vegas Golden Knights intro music. You can tune into a radio station to enjoy from your vehicle. 992 Blue Lantern Drive, Henderson, NV 89015 1778 Quiver Point, Henderson – While the Quiver Point neighborhood has changed in the last decade, it’s still worth a drive especially if you are near. Jumping Springs Place, Henderson, NV 89012 – There are reportedly two homes on this street that will wow you. Enjoy the “Christmas house” and the “gingerbread house” on this street. 210 Highland Drive, Henderson, 89015 – On Highland Drive, off Pacific there is an awesome house. The house is a tribute to America and our police. The palm trees look like fireworks bursting in the sky. – This information was given to us by Michelle. Shan-Gri-La Prehistoric Park 733 Greenway Rd, Henderson, NV 89002 1740 Monarch Pass Dr 89014 Muirfield Ave,  89074 – this street has multiple homes with Christmas lights Templeton Drive, 89074 – this street in Henderson has multiple homes to drive by this year 2551 Wolverton Ave, 89074 734 Asbury Park St, 89052 Sandy Hook Terrace, 89052 – multiple homes with Christmas lights in this Henderson neighborhood 2405 Viewpoint Dr 89014 Towering Mesa Avenue, 89012 — a great street full of festive homes 750 Rising Star Drive, 89014 – a must-see experience from a reader 1307 Silver Reef Ct, Henderson, NV 89002 956 Via Del Tramonto St, Henderson, NV 89011 245 Cinnamon Ridge, Henderson 89015 – More than 100 homes are lit in this area  824 Wintera Court, Henderson 89015 – All homes on this street are lit.  Thanks to a reader for submitting these homes.  417 Donner Pass Avenue, Henderson, 89014 2569 Golden Bay Court, Henderson, 89052 – Thanks for this addition Natalia 3156 Via Como, Henderson, 89044 Disclaimer: While we have worked to compile the most comprehensive list of lights for your family to enjoy, we can’t guarantee perfection. Changes are out of our hands and we don’t get notifications when things change or don’t go as planned. Please let us know if one of these addresses is incorrect or no longer has a display up this year.  If you know of an address that should be listed and is not please let us know that too!