Las Vegas Quarantine Memories

While it might be tough to think about it now, we are living through an important moment in history that will be discussed for centuries. COVID19 has spanned the globe with a jarring impact on world affairs and local economies.

The last time we saw a pandemic similar to this was the 1918 Spanish Flu. Due to lack of medications to treat or prevent the H1N1 virus, people were told to stay home, avoid contact, wear masks, and disinfect. You can learn more about the Spanish Flu from the CDC. Did you have a grandparent or a relative that lived through the Spanish Flu and told you about life during that time?

Our children will be the ones to pass on the history of COVID19 (the coronavirus) and what it was like to live during this unprecedented time in history. While we are home, making the most of family time and learning opportunities, we have created and compiled some ideas to help you keep track of your memories during this Las Vegas Quarantine.

Capture your Memories

Custom Coloring Pages from Because Doodles

We teamed up with Because Doodles and Phoenix with Kids to bring you these fun and memorable coloring pages! Click on the image to download and print your own copy, for FREE!

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COVID19 Time Capsules

Click here to download this COVID19 Time Capsule
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