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Las Vegas Teacher Wish Lists

As Clark County moves back to the classroom full time for all grades, teachers need our help to continue to educate the future of Nevada. Public, private, or charter, we asked teachers across the Las Vegas Valley to submit their Amazon Wish Lists or Donor’s Choose links. 

Please help our teachers give our students the best possible start!

Autism Classroom 

This teacher educates preschool children who are on the autism spectrum. 

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Needs for Speech

This Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)  works for a CCSD elementary school providing services to students from preschool through fifth grade. 

“All my students are special education students who have been diagnosed with a speech or language disorder.  I see my students for speech-language therapy services for individual, small group, and push-in sessions within their classroom.  I use a variety of supplies and manipulatives due to the diverse nature of the students I service each day.

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Substitute Goes Full Time

After working for CCSD for the past three years as a vacancy substitute teacher, the teacher has now finished her degree in secondary education and is getting her own classroom. Please help her fill her first science classroom with everything her students can need to succeed. 

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It looks like a toy, but when used in an educational this setting this fun game helps with speech, communication, fine motor skills and more! All important parts of every child's development and education.
Items like stickers are great incentives for children in the classroom but aren't provided by the school, leaving the cost to come out of teacher's pocket

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Learning While Being in a Cozy Seat!!!.

Special Education for All 

This first-year special education teacher has been working with students for more than a decade. 

Special education at her new school is done through support in general education classrooms through pull-out and push-in programs. 

“This year, I strive to create an inclusive, supportive, stimulating, and engaging environment for my students. While academic achievement is important, students should also know that they have a place to go when they’re overwhelmed or need some extra help with life skills.”

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First Grade Teacher Supports Community

This Las Vegas native and avid VGK fan has been teaching locally for 9 years. Currently educating first-grade students at a southwest elementary school she is concerned about how many local parents will be able to provide school supplies for their students. Pandemic restrictions prevented fundraising and many of the school’s families are service workers who were impacted hard by the shutdown in ways some of us can’t imagine.

“Please help my students get the tools they need to make school fun again.”

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Teachers are always learning too! This is such an important book to help create a classroom that is safe for every child for any background. Creating a love of learning starts with loving our children and meeting them where they need to be met every day!

36 Eager 4th grade students

This teacher’s classroom will be filled with 36 eager-to-learn fourth graders this year. This will be her first year at this school and teaching all subjects. 

“I am super excited to get my own class and build those relationships with my students and families again. A lot of my resources are dated so any help updating my resources and materials and helping to create a comfortable and inviting classroom would be greatly appreciated.”

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Teachers Pay Teachers Class Fund

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First Year Teacher – First Year Students

This first-year teacher just graduated from UNLV is excited to start her career with local kindergarten students. Please help support her efforts to get these kiddos off on the right foot. 

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Help Build a Library

I am trying to build my classroom library to help my 1st/2nd grade SPED students with social/emotional support and also books with more diversity. Any books purchased are so appreciated.

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Happily Stuck in the Middle

This teacher has a passion for middle school science. Teaching at a Title 1 school in a low-income area where more than 73% of the families qualify for assistance drives this teacher to provide a safe place for every student. Creating an environment where everyone is welcome and feels cared for is her goal.

“I am a teacher who sees each individual as a whole person, not just another number in my science class. I love having fun while teaching real-world experiences with my students.”

This past year has been rough on everyone. To help combat the mental health issues that have come to be, our school is introducing a lunch club time. During this time, students will have the opportunity to join different clubs and have the teacher of that club as a mentor. Each club will have approximately 16 students and last 6-8 weeks. This means each club will have the ability to reach about 100 students on a more personal and relaxed level. My desire is to have a game and coloring club where students will be able to relax and let go of any worries or stress and play. Time for play with friends is something that students have not had the opportunity to do during this crazy covid time. I want to give them that time to be a kid and play. 

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Making the Most of a Second Year

This second-grade teacher educated students at a Henderson elementary school. The majority of the students at this Title 1 school have not participated in-person school since March of 2020!  Many of her upcoming second graders have only attended school for three quarters of a year in person. These kiddos will need a lot of motivation and excitement to keep them engaged and learning. 

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Help Fill an Empty Classroom

This mother of 5 is a UNLV graduate and a 1st year 2nd-grade teacher in the Southwest. 

“This class is special because they got sent home mid-year during kindergarten, when I was their student teacher, and spent their first-grade year learning virtually. I am hoping to give them the BEST in-person experience in second grade this school year!”

As a new teacher, and coming on during a pandemic when students cannot share supplies, there are many things I need for my classroom. 

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A Dozen Years

This fourth-grade teacher is embarking on her 12th year educating students. 

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Do Your Kindergarten Best

Do your Kindergarten Best!  That’s the motto in the classroom of this veteran teacher who has spent the last 17 years teaching kindergarteners.

“l love the energy, the innocence, and the curiosity of all things.  Each day in kindergarten is an adventure that challenges me to do my kindergarten best by encouraging me to be innovative, flexible, and have fun.  Since COVID teachers have had to get creative in keeping our little ones educated, entertained, but most of all, safe.  I have selected items that will allow me to provide independent learning opportunities keeping safety in mind.  Thank you for your consideration in helping my kiddos do their kindergarten best!”

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Third Grade, First Year

Help this new teacher build her third grade classroom! 

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Moving on Up! 

After seven years of teaching Kindergarten, this teacher is moving up to 2nd grade! Help her level up her curriculum and supplies! 

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