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las vegas christmas lights Map

The Best Las Vegas Christmas Lights

For more than 10 years Vegas Family Guide has provided a custom-curated map of local attractions and homes offering drive-worthy Las Vegas Christmas lights and holiday displays. Each year we edit the map of Las Vegas Christmas lights to make sure each home and attraction is worth your drive. So hop in the car, grab some hot cocoa, and enjoy the beauty of the holiday season throughout our beautiful city. 
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Las Vegas Christmas Lights Table of Contents

Las Vegas Christmas Light Shows

The homes listed below take lights to another level with their shows!

Find photos and videos of featured homes on Facebook and Instagram. CLICK HERE to submit a photo or video.

The House on Robindale

♦ 1420 E. Robindale Road

If you think the home at 1420 E. Robindale was a hypnotic experience, there’s a reason, it previously belonged to hypnotist Marc Savard.  This amazing light display, set to music captures the attention of the Valley each year. It’s a must-see Las Vegas light show and worth the drive.  See the lights now through Dec 31. A special thanks this year to Marc Savard and the new homeowners for working together to bring this Las Vegas Christmas Lights tradition back to our community.

The House on Fifth Street in Boulder City

The Great Christmas Light Fight Winner 2016

♦ 1525 5th Street, Boulder City

The award-winning home at 1525 5th Street in Boulder City was the 2016 winner of The Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC. Homeowner Dale Ryan is often out and handing out candy to guests at the walk-thru display.

Conover Family Christmas Lights

This family lights their home nightly from 5 pm until midnight.

♦ 8232 Huxley Street, 89123

That House on Alan Shepherd Street

Watch our neighbors, this home is double their lights and setting up a snow machine. Definitely add it to your holiday tour.

♦ 1005 Alan Shepherd Street

Kaye Family Pixels

1455 Grub Stake Circle, 89014

Click here for a video

The Candy Cane House

♦ 366 S. Milan Street, Henderson, 89015

A must-see home in Henderson, The Candy Cane House returns in 2022. This magical home is open Friday – Sunday from 6pm – 9pm through December. 

The Candy Cane House is adorned inside and out with more than 50 Christmas trees and 30,000 lights. Don’t miss the hot cocoa. 

Santa at The Candy Cane House
Saturday, December 17 ♥ 6:30pm – 8:30pm

The Scherzi Holiday Spectacular

6564 Marco Vista Avenue, 89142

“We’re LIT! Come see us on the Eastside every night from 5-9 pm, weather permitting. Stay for our 5-minute Christmas movie mashup, drop your letters off at Santa’s mailbox, & grab a candy cane at the front door from the Nutcracker!” Thanks Veronica!

Laura & Lenny’s Home on Cremona

♦ 8732 Cremona Drive

3rd Annual Merry and Bright Tree Lighting
Cookies, Cocoa, and Candy Bar Sundays!

♥ November 27
♥ December 4
♥ December 11
♥ December 18

Join us 6 pm as we bring the forest to life. 

The Community Ornament Tree was a tradition we began in 2020 and we continue this year. We would love for you to bring an ornament to share. We are again supporting our homeless community by ensuring that our friends have cozy toes this winter! Socks are the most requested item (and the least donated) and we doesn’t love new undies? Last year we collected 3352 pairs of socks and undies! So if you would like to contribute to the “Bare Necessities” there will be a collection trailer in the front yard until December 18th. Together we can make a positive change in our community. Look forward to seeing everyone again this year!

Crazy Bunch Christmas Lights

♦ 440 Kelsford Drive

Angora Family Nativity

♦1296 Lynwood St.

Open for its 63rd year, this Nativity scene created by Rich Angora features a waterfall, twinkling stars, and simulated fire. The figures are paper-mâché and hand-carved from wood. It is open until 10 p.m. daily and best viewed after dark. There is also a guest book to sign, and hot chocolate is served.

Silver Cliff Light Show

♦ 9961 S Silver Cliff Street

A free light show sequenced to music to brighten the community for all ages.

Suzanne Elaine Christmas Light Show

♦ 7446 Suzanne Elaine Court

Computerized Christmas Light Display in the NW Centennial Hills

Hourglass Holiday House

♦ 2645 Hourglass Drive, 89052
Gate code #4444

More Las Vegas Light Shows

♦ 3646 Carol Lark Court

♦ 5953 Gentle Creek Lane

♦ 5810 Via Manigua
near Ethel M, a perfect side trip when you are visiting the cactus garden

♦ 592 Old W Ct, 89110
Runs 530pm -930pm, snow falls every half hour 

♦ 9848 Colenso Ct, 89148
New this year! Thousands of lights synced to music.

♦ 3159 High View Drive, 89014
This home creates a Winter Wonderland filled with animated characters Christmas trees, and lights synchronized to 48 different songs.

2022 Winners ♦ ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight’

The Watkins Family Big Vegas Energy

We have had a lot of questions about the Watkins’ home, the local winner of ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight!’ There will not be a display this year. You can see their win below and watch ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight‘ on ABC/Hulu Mondays at 8pm.

Twisted Vegas

♦ 1941 Houston Drive

“Twisted Vegas is about letting people have a moment in their life to just smile and enjoy their self.”

Great Christmas Light Fight Winner 2019

♦ 2718 Lochleven Way, 89044

The display has been scaled down since the show. Read the 2020 interview with the Review-Journal HERE.

Disclaimer: While we have worked with you to compile the most comprehensive list of lights for your family to enjoy, we can’t guarantee perfection. Changes are out of our hands and we don’t get notifications when things change or don’t go as planned. Please let us know if one of these addresses is incorrect or no longer has a display.  If you know of an address that should be listed and is not please let us know!

Boulder City Christmas Lights

The House on Fifth Street
1525 5th Street, Boulder City
The award-winning home at 1525 5th Street in Boulder City was the 2016 winner of The Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC. Homeowner Dale Ryan is often out and handing out candy to guests at the walk-thru display.

Angora Family Nativity
1296 Lynwood St.
Open for its 63rd year, this Nativity scene created by Rich Angora features a waterfall, twinkling stars, and simulated fire. The figures are paper-mâché and hand-carved from wood. It is open until 10 p.m. daily and best viewed after dark. There is also a guest book to sign, and hot chocolate is served.

1327 Pinto Road – Don’t miss this home decked in lights and filled with holiday characters galore. You’ll love the sled track for polar bears.

1447 Bronco Road – The fun doesn’t stop with twinkling lights, you can also enjoy a ceramic Christmas village from 8am – 8pm. Don’t forget to stop by the neighbors at 1405 Bronco Road for more holiday light fun.

701 Seventh St. – This house on Seventh Street hosts a traditional Christmas display with red bows, icicle lights, candy canes, and pine trees.

606 Don Vincente Drive – If you’re looking for Boulder City’s tallest candy you’ll find it here along with more than 3000 lights.

821 Utah Street – Open daily through January 1, 2023 with lights on until midnight.

1200 Avenue I – The Hooper-Broughear family has a holiday display that includes lights, inflatable characters, and a shout out to a favorite football team. The decorations also feature holiday favorites like Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman.

1713 Teakwood St, 89005

652 Ontono Drive, 89005

Boulder City Christmas Lights
1327 Pinto Road, Boulder City - "Nice work by a veteran" - Jason

Please check the comments on this post as our community is awesome about updating us when homes are no longer participating and informing us of new homes to visit! Thank you you all! 

North Las Vegas Christmas Lights

Northwest Las Vegas Christmas Lights

3990 Pistachio Nut Ave, 89030

Vincelli Avenue, 89031
multiple homes on this street are lit!

5953 Gentle Creek Lane, 89031

5120 Pandana Drive, 89031
Dancing lights and inflatables. Roll down your windows to hear the music. Lights are on until 11pm.

2121 Armadale Drive, 89031
 Tell Cadillac we sent you!

4641 Fragrant Street, 89031

3724 Discovery Creek Avenue, 89031
This home has an inflatable zoo

2217 Mediterranean Sea Avenue, 89031

4537 Savin Circle, 89130

4725 Victoria Beach Lane, 89130
Lights! Tinsel! Bears! A fun house to see each year!

4601 Gonzales Drive, 89130
Christmas Mountain Village open from 5pm – 9pm nightly.

5221 Autumn Meadow Avenue, 89130

3932 Rainburst Ct, 89115
This home has 8,000 lights

3873 E Cinnamonwood Way, 89115

3921 Eagle Glacier Avenue, 89081

5933 Addy Lane, 89081
A fun Grinch home

4208 Buteo Lane, 89084
The French Gingerbread House

More on the map!

8113 Orchard Glen Avenue, Las Vegas,  89131  

7446 Suzanne Elaine Ct, 89131

Silver Mallard Ave, 89131  multiple homes on this street

7204 Eaglegate Street,  89131  multiple homes decorated with Christmas Lights

10238 Mountain Majesty Street, 89131

9218 Forest Meadows Ave, Las Vegas, 89149 – Lots of inflatables

7844 Wind Drift, 89149

8033 Redbud Vine Street, 89085

3646 Carol Lark Ct, 89129 
More than 12,000 lights decorate this home. Tune into 101.1 FM to hear music that is synchronized to the lights.

8080 W Red Coach Ave, 89129 said to be one of the best displays in town. It’s back for 2022! 

4434 Rehoboth Bay St, 89129
(this is in a gated neighborhood)

7626 W Lone Mountain Rd, 89129
This mobile home park has multiple homes decorated

9040 White Eyes Ave, 89143  According to Todd this house has a train on the lower roof and is worth the drive.

8604 Majestic Pine Avenue,  89143

5785 W. Cheyenne Avenue, 89108
This home has a 40-year tradition of Christmas lights!

More on the map!

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsor

6170 N. Durango Dr., Suite 110, Las Vegas, NV 89149

Summerlin Christmas Lights

Southwest Las Vegas Christmas Lights

2640 S. Buffalo Drive, 89117

Beacon Cove Court, 89117

7335 Laredo Street, 89117
last year this home had snow machines. The lights are up this year but there was no snow when we drove by!

8732 Cremona

7060 Palmyra Avenue, 89117
This has always been a great home 

3275 Rosanna, 89117

1005 Alan Shepherd Street, 89145

6460 Darby Avenue, 89146
7632 W Delaware Bay Drive, 89128
11855 Corenzio Avenue, 89138

8610 Mohawk Street, 89139

8115 Dancing Bull Ct, 89139

4565 Raven Avenue, 89139

4445 West Pebble, 89139

4410 W Pebble, 89139

8670 Arville Street, 89139

9883 Fox Estate Street, 89141
10519 Bella Camrosa Drive, 89141
10294 Bobcat Bluffs St, 89178
submitted in 2022 by the homeowner! 
9961 Silver Cliff Street, 89178
8535 Benidorm Avenue, 89178
Grinch lover’s dream. Gate code #2770
8330 Campana Drive, 89147
9232 W Viking Rd, 89147
7181 Willow Moss Court, 89148
9848 Colenso Court, 89148
5933 Addy Lane, NLV
8536 Benidorn, 89178

East Las Vegas Christmas Lights

Southeast Las Vegas Christmas Lights

401 Courtney Lane, 89107
Tune in to 88.5 FM

592 Old W Ct, 89110
Runs 530pm -930pm, snow falls every half hour 

940 Crazyhorse Way, 89110

6538 E Alma White Street, 89110

650 Wilshire Blvd, 89110

5136 Brentmead Drive, 89120

5226 E Brittlewood Avenue, 89120

5398 S Bramble Lane, 89120

5810 Via Manigua, 89120

4465 Sands Point Drive, 89121

6564 Marco Vista Avenue, 89142

8232 Huxley St,  89123

Branding Iron Lane, 89123

1420 E. Robindale Rd, 89123

440 Kelsford Drive, 89123
this house may be better than the Robindale house, according to Lisa.

346 Maddelena Avenue, 89183

264 Bella Matese Ave, 89183

2022 Henderson Christmas Lights Map

Cadence Christmas Lights

613 Our Heritage St.

104 Cashmere Waltz Pl

136 Magpie Ave. 

289 Resolute Ave.

298 Dedication Ave.

389 Gracious Way

394 Cadence Vista Dr.

418 Gracious Way

457 Cornelius Kelly Ave. 

473 Bagatelle Ave.

525 Sunny Pointe St.

617 Our Heritage St. 

813 N Water St.

825 N Water St. 

843 N Water St.

936 E. Sunset Rd.

937 E. Sunset Rd. 

1027 E. Sunset Rd.

1079 E. Sunset Rd. 

Inspirada Christmas Lights

3132 Beaux Art Ave

2072 Thames View St

2501 Piacenza Pl

1882 Via Firenze

2220 Via Italia

3052 Camino Rico Ave

2141 Maderno St

2162 Maderno St

3212 Via da Vinci

1701 Black Fox Canyon

3156 Via Como

2625 Hotel De Ville Terrace

Kaye Family Pixels
⇒1455 Grub Stake Circle, Henderson, 89014⇐

2091 Fallsburg Way, 89002

1277 Dean Court, 89002

2005 Hocus Pocus Place, 89002
You can send a letter to Santa at this festive home. Be sure to include a return address because he will write back!

730 Bollons Island Street,  89002
The light show has 2 songs including Vegas Golden Knights intro music. You can tune into a radio station to enjoy from your vehicle.

734 Bollons Island Street, 89002

840 Ambassador Dr, 89002

Shan-Gri-La Prehistoric Park 
733 Greenway Rd, Henderson, NV 89002

215 Mission Verde Avenue, 89002

145 Voltaire Ave, 89002

104 Mauve Street, 89012
This home has a Minecraft Display

187 Tidewater Range Ct, 89012

Towering Mesa Avenue, 89012
a great street full of festive homes

1826 Baja Lane, 89012

1469 Verde Triandos Drive, 89012

Kaye Family Pixels
1455 Grub Stake Circle, 89014
Light show synchronized to music. Amazing new display this year.

349 Listo Court, 89014
Great Grinch Display

392 Decareo Court, 89014 
Light show with at least 5 songs

3159 High View Drive, 89014
This home creates a Winter Wonderland filled with animated characters Christmas trees, and lights synchronized to 48 different songs.

2405 Viewpoint Dr 89014

3154 Vistoso Circle, 89014

240 W. Fairway Road,  89015 
This home apparently has a baseball-themed display.

742 Triple Crown St, 89015

210 Highland Drive, Henderson, 89015 – On Highland Drive, off Pacific there is an awesome house. The house is a tribute to America and our police. The palm trees look like fireworks bursting in the sky. – This information was given to us by Michelle.

245 Cinnamon Ridge,  89015  More than 100 homes are lit in this area

The Candy Cane House
366 S Milan, 89015

824 Wintera Court, Henderson 89015 – All homes on this street are lit. Thanks to a reader for submitting these homes. 

2645 Hourglass Drive, 89052
Gate code #4444, computerized light show to music

1293 Corista Dr, 89052
Steampunk Christmas Display

1701 Black Fox Canyon Road, 89052 

734 Asbury Park St, 89052

Rye Beach Ln, 89052

Bench Reef Pl, 89052

Sandy Hook Terrace, 89052

741 Barnegat Bay St, 89052

2843 Nikki Terrace, 89074

279 Cordero Drive, 89074

244 Polar Morn Pl, 89074
Lots of inflatables



Ethel M’s Cactus Garden Holiday Lights

For 28 years, Ethel M’s has decorated its cactus garden for Christmas in Las Vegas. With more than one million lights, the largest cactus garden in Southern Nevada is a treasured local tradition.

Reservations are NOT required for entry this year.

The Factory Store is open and you DO NOT need a reservation. Entry is $1 per person and goes to support Three Square and Help of Southern Nevada. 

Santa Claus will be available for photos throughout the season but not every night since he’s so busy at this time of year! 

Glittering Lights

Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway features approximately 2.5 miles of lights, millions, and millions of twinkling lights, making for a great holiday experience for family and friends. This Christmas in Las Vegas tradition brings you many custom light displays and never-before-seen lights (as well as some of our old favorites). Named 7 Over-The-Top Holiday Light Displays You Gotta See by Huffington Post.

The lights will shine through January 8th! Tickets start at $29 per car.

Groupon for admission to Glittering Lights 

Groupon for Santa Tram at Glittering Lights

Christmas in Color

Christmas in Color, located in the Cowabunga Bay parking lot, brings an additional drive-thru light experience to Las Vegas.

Enjoy lights dancing to synchronized music. 
The lights will shine through January 1st! Tickets start at $35 per car. Upgrade to a Party Pack for $65, which includes entry, 2 light wands, 4 3D glasses, 2 lightbulb necklaces, and an air freshener.

Use code NATALIA15 to save 15% off tickets to Christmas in Color.