It’s Gonna Be May

It’s right there on your calendar, staring at you. May 1, 2020. Nevada residents have stared at this day in hopes it would be the beginning of the end and life could magically just resume. May 1st won’t be our magical day where the proverbial gates are opened and we are all set free, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate May!

Normally, May 1st would come and go on my calendar without any recognition, as it’s just the day that divides a busy April from an even busier May filled with holidays, events, and end-of-school activities.

May 1st is May Day. This year it’s standing out a bit on the calendar and giving us a reason to embrace nature, our families and friends, and an unexpected holiday.

May Day isn’t a major celebration in the United States, but the first day of May traditionally a celebration of the end of winter and the beginning of spring. (Oh I know you’re laughing because we said goodbye to winter a while ago and sent off spring when the triple-digit temps crept up on us this week). May Day is normally associated with flowers, dancing, Maypoles, and celebration that often including crowning a king or queen.

Get a complete understanding of May Day and it’s history from

There’s much more to May Day in the United States than flowers and crowns. If your children are interested in history and labor laws, I’d encourage you to investigate more and make this a teachable moment for US history.

In some parts of the United States, May Baskets are made and given as part of the May Day tradition. May Basket are small baskets filled with flowers or treats and left anonymously on someone’s door step! Yes, it’s just like when you “Boo” a Neighbor or “Egg” a friend’s home, but now we’re adding in May Day for another layer of fun.

Celebrating May Day with Your Kids

Here are some fun ways to introduce May Day as a family tradition in our home. May Day is a perfect time to let our kids find a way to connect with nature and even bring some of that into our daily routines moving forward.

Make a May Day flower crown

This is my favorite flower headband tutorial because it’s easy and looks fantastic. While we can’t head into Michaels or Hobby Lobby right now, you can get these items from Walmart, even in a pick up, depending on the store.

Floral Headband from Simple as That

This simple Tissue Flower Wreath can also be made with items you already have at home. It’s simple and will hang nicely as a decoration!

Make and give May Day Baskets

Have fun crafting these baskets for friends and neighbors and then sneaking them on their porch.

These fun Instagram accounts including local moms Lydia and Ashlee, have some great ideas for simple and meaningful May Day baskets.

Lydia Louise
Whitney Farrar
Ashlee AlainStephani Westberg

I also love these paper cones, like the ones made here, as May Day baskets. They are a great size to put a few treats in and wish someone a happy May Day.

These little cups of May Day happiness are my all-time favorite, and honestly, perfect for the last minute mom like me! This is the tutorial I’m using this year, so watch your doorsteps friends!

Some ideas to fill your May Day baskets:
flower seeds
herb seeds
small pots of herbs
cookies (flower cookies)
Otter Pops (Lydia did this in her and it’s brilliant)
Loaf of bread
Fresh Flowers

Need more May Day Basket Ideas?
Try these fun ones we found.

12 May Day Basket Crafts from About Family Crafts
May Day Basket Ideas for Kids (I love the cupcake one)
10 Awesome May Day Ideas with Printables (love the mason jar)
May Day Baskets from Secrets of a Super Mommy
Download May Day gift tags from Better Homes & Gardens
Easy May Day Flower Baskets from Birds and Bloom

Plant spring flowers

Typical spring flowers include pansies, marigolds, daisies, zinnias, poppies and nasturtiums. In Las Vegas, you will want heat tolerant flowers and plants. Download this tip sheet from Star Nursery to decide what’s best to plan for your May Day Flower Garden.

Make a Maypole and dance around it.

We’ve got plenty of time, so if you’re handy, build a maypole! Do it in the shade though because this weekend is still going to be in the mid to high 90s.

This Maypole tutorial from Darling Darleen is one of my favorites.
Modern Mom also has a very simple Maypole plan using PVC pipe and a glue gun!

Mini Maypoles are also an option and while you can’t dance around you can certainly dance with them!

Upcycle some packaging and make this mini maypole from the Kix Cereal web site! It’s beautiful!

These mini maypole cake are really where it’s at!

This simple and whimsical maypole is what we are using this year!

Go on a picnic

You don’t even have to leave your home for a successful picnic. Grab some snacks and head outside to your patio, balcony or yard and enjoy some fresh air with your favorite people!

Take a Nature Walk

Don’t overthink it! You don’t need access to National Parks, BLM land or paved hiking trails to give you the ability to take a nature walk.

Enjoy a walk around your neighborhood and talk about the different flowers and tree your neighbors have growing in their yards.

Find out what those random weeks growing in the cracks on the sidewalk really are called.

Take to a park and enjoy the cool grass under bare feet.

Paint some rocks and hide them in a park.