Paradox Museum

paradox museum las vegas

Paradox Museum Las Vegas is the world’s most extraordinary collection of mind-twisting and eye-tricking exhibits, where nothing makes sense, but everything is real. 

Paradox Museum will open on the Las Vegas Strip June 2023.

The 11,000-square-foot museum includes 90 engaging exhibits combining the fun of exploring brain-bending illusions with the science of paradoxes.

Every exhibit at Paradox Museum is  interactive, including sensory and educational experiences with information about the exciting science behind its optical and perceptual effects.

Museum visitors will encounter new perspectives along with the opportunity to defy reality and live their own experiences – all while taking unbelievably cool photos and videos.

Paradox Museum in Las Vegas will feature dozens of stand-out exhibits, including the Upside Down Room, a space where all objects and people will seem to defy gravity. Guests can strike poses for the camera while radically changing the way they view the world.

The Paradox Sofa exhibit gives the impression of a glitch in the system. You will wonder if bodies are magically split in two or if multiple people are lounging on the couch at once.

All exhibits will touch the hearts and minds of those who wish to truly challenge their senses and ways of thinking.

Paradox Museum Las Vegas
3767 S Las Vegas Boulevard

  • Appropriate for all ages
  • The experience is 60 – 90 minutes
  • Museum team members will guide guests through the museum 
  • Paradox Boutique will have souvenirs, games, clothing, and gadgets. 

elaborate exhibits.

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