Ringling Bros. Circus

ringling brothers las vegas

Ringling is Coming to Las Vegas!

October 4 – October 6, 2024
Thomas and Mack Center

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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®  invites children of all ages to experience The Greatest Show On Earth®. The immersive, live, family entertainment experience is unlike anything
audiences have ever seen, filled with incredible acts that push the limits of human potential.
This reimagined American Icon will surprise families as they come together to witness a
fast-paced, action-packed production with modernized acts on a scale never-seen-before
creating real connections between audiences and performers.

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey had its last show in May 2017, ending more than 140 years of performances. After 5 years, The Greatest Show on Earth returned and reimagined in 2023 to wow audiences, and now Ringling is headed to Las Vegas. 

The music-filled journey is bursting with catchy rhythms, beats, songs, and laughter that will
have audiences clapping, tapping, singing, and laughing along. With action everywhere,
audiences will see never-before-seen stunts, acrobatic displays, and comedic acts from a
globally diverse cast that includes 75 performers hailing from 18 countries including
Argentina, Canada, Cuba, Ethiopia, Italy, Mongolia, Spain, Ukraine, and the United States
will inspire audiences through a variety of unbelievable circus acts, including:


Criss-Cross Trapeze

Nine trapeze artists take on the ultimate swing set as The Flying Caceres soar in every direction
in an action-packed act nearly missing each other in the air by just seconds and inches. It is an
incredible act of timing with several amazing performers going in every possible direction in
sequence with each other. They also attempt a never-before-seen trick with performers
completing two complete flips while flying from one bar to the next.

Record-Breaking Heights

Wheeling at incredible heights will be Wesley Williams, the One Wheel Wonder, a Guinness
World Record-setting performer who takes on a daring new challenge as he attempts to set a
new world record. He will ride ten different unicycles around the show floor – with the tallest at a
shocking height of over 34 feet!

Aerial & Acrobatic Spectacle

Every seat at The Greatest Show On Earth has an impressive view when fans witness a
combination of solo and group aerialists showcasing skills from straps and hoops all at the same
time and some, in unison. Jumping, diving, and tumbling across the show floor, skilled acrobats
performing hoop diving, Chinese poles, and jaw-dropping hand-to-hand skills will leave audiences
in awe as they perform their inspiring acts. Closing the show with a bang is the Ringling Rocket,
which will launch Skyler Miser across the entire arena at 65 miles per hour!

Dynamic Musical Performances

Audiences will dance along to big, exciting musical numbers incorporating original music, pop
cover tunes, and live rock-inspired drumming to help shape the audience’s emotional journey
throughout the show. Argendance, an energetic dance troupe from Argentina, presents a fiery fusion of Argentinian-style dance that creates rhythm and tempo alongside show guide Stix.

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Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus will be in Las Vegas from October 4 – October 6, 2024.