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Nevada Report Card

Public schools, private schools, charter schools, magnet schools, home school … Las Vegas & Henderson parents are fortunate to have a multitude of options when deciding what is the best option for their child’s education.

But what is the best school?

You can look at the State of Nevada and Clark County School District data with the Nevada Report Card. We have simplified the report to include only Clark County School District and charter schools that are in Clark County.

Download the Clark County report here. 

Las Vegas Charter Schools

From the State of Nevada Department of Education:
Charter Schools in Nevada are public schools funded by the state. Charter Schools are set up by a committee with the desire to provide an educational situation that better meets the needs of some students. Currently, the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority (SPCSA) is the only sponsor accepting applications for new charter schools. The SPCSA Governing Board (GB) has adopted standards from the National Charter School Resource Center to ensure these schools are held to high standards and serve students in the best possible manner. There is no charge to attend a charter school although there may be a fee for certain specific items or events. Charter schools must be in a traditional “brick and mortar” building or provide “distance education”. Charter schools must be in compliance with the contract or written charter that was entered into with the SPCSA GB, the Carson City Governing Board, the Clark County School District Governing Board or the Washoe County School District Governing Board. Charter schools are governed by NRS 388A, NAC 386 and various other regulations and codes-check with your sponsor for clarification.
Charter Schools sponsored by SPCSA must use EpiCenter for all submissions.

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Download the list of local charter schools and their respective enrollment and lottery dates!

The current list of state-sponsored charter schools in Clark County


Democracy Prep (K-12)
1201 West Lake Mead Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89106

Discovery Charter School


Nevada State High School


Silversands Montessori
1841 Whitney Mesa Dr, Henderson, NV 89014

Somerset Academy

Sports Leadership and Management Academy (SLAM) (6-12)
1095 Fielders St., Henderson, NV 89015

Clark County School sponsors two charter schools, Odyssey Charter School and Explore Knowledge Academy.

What is a Magnet School?

From Clark County School District: 

Magnet Schools are the single largest form of public school “choice” and represent over 4,340 schools and 3.5 million students nationwide. Magnet schools are visionary, innovative, and open to all students regardless of zip code.

Magnet Schools attract children of various socio-economic backgrounds, races, and academic achievement levels. In 1993, Mabel Hoggard, Clark High School, and the Las Vegas Academy were the very first magnet programs to open in the Las Vegas Valley as part of our efforts to desegregate the Clark County School District. Because of the tremendous success of our magnet programs, the demand has greatly exceeded the available seats for students.

Clark County School District currently has more than 30 magnet programs including 11 elementary schools, 13 middle schools, and 10 high schools. In addition, the Clark County School District also serves high school students with 7 career and technical academies and 5 select schools.

Interested in a magnet school program for your child?  APPLY NOW!

Click on the Apply Now link above to complete a school choice application. Students going into Kindergarten through 10th grade may apply for magnet school admission for the 2021-2022 school year. You may choose from 1 to 3 schools. You must rank your choices (1,2,3) in the order of your preference.  The deadline to apply is January 5, 2021.

Magnet school admission is done by lottery. After the lottery applicants will be emailed their results. Applicants may also sign on to their dashboard to view lottery results when made available.  Please contact your 1st choice school if you have not received the notification email by March 1, 2021.

The following schools admit students by audition only: 
Las Vegas Academy Audition Criteria
Del Sol Academy Audition Criteria

Private Schools in Las Vegas and Henderson

If your family is interested in private schools in Las Vegas and Henderson, you can find the complete list here.

Some important public school terminology

Title 1 Designation
Title 1 schools are highlighted in orange on the report created by Vegas Family Guide.

Title I is the federal education law that provides funding to elementary and secondary schools for programs and services to help economically disadvantaged students to succeed.

The purpose of Title I is to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to reach State learning standards. Title I is intended to help close the gap in academic achievement between students in different ethnic and income groups.

Programs funded by Title I include:

  • School-Based Programs
  • Early Childhood and Pre-Kindergarten
  • Homeless Services, Project HOPE
  • Family Engagement
  • Migrant Services
  • Neglected and Delinquent Services

Title I was first enacted in 1965 as part of the “War on Poverty.” It was part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to ensure equal educational opportunities for all children. Its purpose was to close the achievement gap between poor and affluent children by providing additional resources to schools serving disadvantaged students.

Zoom School
The Zoom Schools program is the result of bi-partisan legislation and extensive research aimed at supporting the district’s English Language Learner students. A total of $50 million was allocated by the state legislature and Governor Bryan Sandoval for the program. The Clark County School District (CCSD) received $39.4 million for the program. The 14 participating elementary schools will receive additional resources, including free pre-K programs, expanded full-day kindergarten programs with smaller class sizes, free summer school offerings, and Zoom School Reading Skills Centers designed to provide students with unprecedented support in gaining key reading skills.

Victory School
The funding for Victory schools will be allocated by the state department of education to underperforming schools (lowest student achievement levels) in the 20 poorest zip codes in the state. Specific services will be required, especially in the areas of wrap-around and family engagement.