Snow Much Fun

snow in las vegas

Mt Charleston Snow Play & Sledding

Snow in Las Vegas? It’s a rare site to see, but thankfully we can escape to Mt. Charleston in the winter for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snow play. 

When was the last time there was snow in Las Vegas?

In 2019, Las Vegas got just over 1 inch of snow, and locals flocked to area parks to enjoy the winter fun. It was just enough for some casual sledding and snowman building for one whole day.

December 2008 was the last BIG snow in Las Vegas. More than 3.5 inches were recorded that snowfall. It was a winter wonderland.

snow in las vegas
Having snow much fun in February 2019

What to Know about Snow on Mt Charleston

Know Before You Go

Check Road Conditions

Click HERE to check current road conditions or call 511 for Route 156

Go Early or Go Home

Weekends and Winter Break are very busy times on Mt. Charleston. If you plan to go to open areas for sledding, go early or be prepared to be turned away. When parking is at capacity and roads are busy, no more cars will be allowed.  

Reservations at the Mount Charleston LodgeRetreat on Charleston Peak, and Lee Canyon Ski and Snow Resort will be prioritized.

Be Prepared

DO NOT go up the mountain unprepared. Here’s what you need to ensure your safety and the safety of others while on Mt. Charleston

  • a full tank of gas. There is no gas on Mt. Charleston
  • snow tires or chains. While not always required, it is best practice. If you don’t have chains and snow tires, avoid parking in slushy areas so you don’t get stuck. 
  • a bag of kitty litter will be helpful if you get stuck
  • blankets and even a change of clothes
  • plenty of water and snacks
  • a trash bag to take everything you brought up the mountain back down with you. 

Rules for Sledding

  • Sled only in open areas. Avoid trees and fences. 
  • DO NOT sled near roads
  • Snow should be at least 12″ deep for sledding
  • Protect your head. Wear a helmet when sledding. 
  • Feet first when sledding. 
  • DON’T BE TRASHY. If you bring it up, you must bring it down. Do not leave a broken sled behind. 
snow in las vegas

Where to Sled on Mt. Charleston

Kyle Canyon Picnic Area
Sawmill Picnic Area
Deer Creek Picnic Area

Lee Canyon does not offer sledding at the resort or any area it manages on Mt. Charleston. 

Depending on conditions, delays and periodic road closures may occur on Nevada State Routes 156 (Lee Canyon Road), 157 (Kyle Canyon Road) and 158 (Deer Creek Road).

Learn more at Go Mt. Charleston

Where to buy sleds

Dick’s Sporting Goods 
You can choose to pick up, shop in store, or have one shipped

Big 5
In years past Big 5 locations have offered a rental service, but we have not confirmed that for this season. 

Costco often has large and very durable sleds in store this time of year for less than $30

Lee Canyon is now open for the 2022- 2023 season. The resort offers skiing and snowboarding, including lessons and equipment rentals. 

Lee Canyon does not have tubing or sledding. 

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Lee Canyon manages 3 areas for winter camping, snowshoeing, and snow play. 

Reservations at Lee Canyon and the sites it manages take priority during busy times on Mt. Charleston. It is advised that you reserve your space for the snow play areas in advance. Please check for current conditions on the mountain before heading up to play.