Square Bar


Square Bar Coming to New Orleans Square

The McMenemy family in partnership with Paul Kotler have announced the opening of Square Bar, a unique venue planned for Las Vegas’ New Orleans Square. A gaming and entertainment lounge with food and cocktails, Square Bar is planned to debut in late 2021 as the new anchor of what Las Vegas Weekly recently called the city’s “Best New Cultural Hot Spot.”

Remodeling a vintage space, Square Bar will be a relaxing, comfortable, but inspiring escape to another time featuring distinctive bar gaming, lounge, and entertainment areas as well as an outdoor patio, all hearkening back to the swanky early 70s. Arguably the era that defined Las Vegas, the early 1970s were also the last blush of mid-century modern design, in many ways the last bastion of  “letting it all hang out.”

Interior Design will be executed by Candace Campbell of Indigo Moon Vintage, who will also collaborate with The Feast of Friends on concepting and branding.

Bar food and cocktails will have a ‘70s twist with a few throwback items included for fun, while the sounds of comics, blues/jazz bands, and dueling pianos fill the air.

“We are looking to create an experience that is like nothing else in Las Vegas right now,” said Kotler, who will act as operating partner. “We are thrilled to be able to bring a fun, versatile experience to life.”

“I’m excited to recreate the spirit of my favorite era in this amazing, versatile space,” said Campbell. 

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