Vegas Family Events Guide has the full Vegas Kids Business Directory of local family businesses in your area! Our Vegas Kids Business Directory doesn’t just cover Las Vegas!  We cover North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and Henderson!

You will find Las Vegas and Henderson Kids Parties, Doctors, Play Spaces, Party Entertainers, Camps, Dance Schools, Theater Schools, Sports Associations and more!  Everything you need, at your fingertips!

Rate and Review Local Businesses

Vegas Kids Business Directory


Vegas Kids Business Directory

Do you have a business that you would like to add to our Vegas Kids Business Directory?  It’s always free and seen by over 2,100 families EACH DAY!

Don’t forget to tell your clients to go onto your listing to Rate and Review you on our Vegas Kids Business Directory!  We have the largest local reach in Southern Nevada for families, don’t let the opportunity to shine be missed!


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