Road Trip: Veyo, Utah

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Five Reasons to visit to Veyo, Utah

Just outside of St. George, right up Bluff Street (Utah State Route 18) is Veyo, Utah. It might not be a big city, but it has a big name when it comes to pies and outdoor family fun! 

Things to do in Veyo Utah

Baker Dam Recreation Area

Built in 1953 at the foot of the towering Pine Valley Mountains, the reservoir area offers slightly cooler temperatures and a quick getaway from St. George and other lower elevation communities.

The reservoir is managed by the Baker Dam Reservoir Association. Stocked with trout on a regular basis by the Utah State Division of Wildlife Resources, the reservoir is a popular fishing site. While spring and fall provide the best fishing opportunities, Baker Dam Recreation Area is open year-round.

Camping is $6 per night. 
Day use is $2 per car. 

Read the full brochure.

snow canyon state park
Utah State Road 18 take your from St. George to Veyo. The road, also known as Bluff Street, emerges from the center of town and is an easy route to recreational fun in Utah .

Veyo Pies

We are open 5 days a week with the exception of our holiday hours! See our hours tab above for further information. We do not bake every item on our menu every day. Please call to find out if we have the pie you want. Our business is doing great thanks to you, our customers! To place orders please call us at 435-574-2132. For large or special orders we will appreciate it greatly if you place an order at LEAST 1 day ahead of the pickup time!

The complete list of pies made at this legendary restaurant!  

Sugar-free pies and gluten-free pies are available for advance ordering. 

I’ve only had the sour cream lemon pie and it was life changing. – Nannette

Veyo Pies is not open on Sunday or Monday, so if you find yourself up that way and need a pie fix, grab a Veyo Pie Shake at Veyo Pool. 

24 South Main Street Veyo, UT 84782

For Orders Call (435) 574-2132


Veyo Volcano

The Veyo Volcano is just south of Veyo which is easily reached by taking Highway 18 north out of St. George. There is a very large pullout on the east side of the Volcano as Highway 18 skirts the shoulder. 

The most prominent features are two cinder cones that rise above Snow Canyon State Park. The southern cinder cone and most of the north cinder cone are within the boundaries of Snow Canyon State Park. The city of St. George, Utah is located in the volcanic field.

Find trailheads near Veyo Volcano.

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Veyo Pool and Crawdad Canyon 

Perhaps the most sought-after destination in Veyo, Utah is Veyo Pool and Crawdad Canyon. For less than $10 a day (per person) you can swim, hike, and catch crawdads in the river. 

Veyo is typically 10-15 degrees cooler than nearby St. George making it a popular summer getaway for the day. The resort does offer camping and even a house for rent.


Catching crawdads is probably the most popular thing to do at Veyo Pool. Your daily admission gives you access to the river for catch and release of crawdads. You can purchase a crawdad catching kit at the resort or bring your own supplies. 

We recommend bringing your own supplies as they will be sturdier and less expensive. Crawdad kits at Veyo Pool include a net, pole, and bucket for $12 each. See our list of recommended items below. 

Feeding the kids

Veyo Pool offers quick service dining with kid’s meals for around $10 including drink and a pair of branded sunglasses. Veyo Pie shakes are $8.50. You can also bring in your own food. 

The Pool 

Small floats are allowed in the pool, but be courteous as the pool can fill up quickly during peak hours. The pool offers a wide 1′-2′ area and extends as deep as 7′ at the opposite end. 

There is no lifeguard at Veyo Pool. 


There are restrooms available and a changing area. You can reserve a private picnic area or just take what you get when you arrive. 

Parking is above the canyon with a fairly steep walk down the hill. If you have someone in your party who may struggle with the hill you can drive down for pick up and drop off. Keep this in mind when carrying stuff down to the canyon because the walk back up is way harder when you’re tired and the bags always seem heavier at the end of the day. 


Canyon Access Pass Pricing (Includes Crawdad Catching)

Everyone 14 and Older$9.50
Children Under 14$7.50
Children Under 2Free

Our all-day Canyon Access Pass includes access to the canyon and these fun activities: SwimmingCrawdad Catching, Hiking, Picnicking, Pickle Ball, Volleyball, and Basketball. All guests must purchase a Canyon Access Pass for each day of their stay.

IMPORTANT: Each individual visiting Veyo Pool and Crawdad Canyon is required to sign a Liability Form or they won’t be allowed to enter the property. Save yourself time and sign our waiver ahead of time.

PLEASE NOTE: No animals, including dogs, may be brought into the Canyon, with the exception of ADA Service Animals. Please see the ADA FAQ for details on what qualifies as a service animal. Note that “The ADA makes a distinction between psychiatric service animals and emotional support animals… if [a] dog’s mere presence provides comfort, that would not be considered a service animal under the ADA” and would not be permitted on the premise.

The only Private Outdoor Rock Climbing Park in Utah

IMPORTANT: All climbers must bring their own climbing equipment. There is no equipment at the property for rent or purchase.

Crawdad Canyon is one of the only privately owned, outdoor rock climbing parks in the USA. Our unique climbing park offers much cooler temps, which allows you to climb all day, even on hot days in the desert. This is because our intimate canyon offers loads of shade and always has a cool breeze off the Santa Clara River.

Located in Southern Utah, just minutes from St George, we have 234 bolted climbing routes in solid basalt walls, scaling up to 85 feet high. Routes range in difficulty from 5.6 to 5.13, so there’s something for all ages and skill levels.

You’ll find brass plaques at the base of each climb, with the name and rating of each climb. We’ve had rock climbers from more than 25 different countries climb our canyon walls here in Veyo!

Add rock climbing to your family reunion, company party, or private event! Ask about group discounts.

Make sure to read the following:

  • All of our visitors must sign a liability waiver. You can do this at the canyon or do it right here online: Sign waiver now!
  • ALL climbers MUST sign in at the front desk – No exceptions! 
  • Climbers under 18 must have parent present to sign waiver or will not be allowed to climb

A free map of our climbing areas and a list of climbs can be found at our front desk. We also have a local guide book available for use. All Rock Climbing and bolts are managed by Southern Utah Climbing Coalition (SUCC).

IMPORTANT: All climbers must bring their own climbing equipment. There is no equipment at the property for rent or purchase.

Crawdad Catching Kit

As I mentioned above, I found the $12 kits sold at Veyo Pool to be cheaply made. If you have multiple children or plan to visit more than once, I’d recommend creating your own crawdad catching kit with items that you can reuse for other things as well. 

To make the pole, you will need a wooden dowel, fishing line, and a clip. The clip will hold your bait, likely hot hogs, as they are easiest. You just tie the string to the pole and the clip – BOOM – crawdad catching pole. A little hot glue or super glue will help the string stay connected to your dowel and clip. 

Want an even easier way to catch crawdads? Check out the video below that uses just a string and bait! Hot dogs make amazing bait. 

The other items you’ll need are nets and buckets. These collapsible buckets are my favorite as they wash well, pack small, and can be used on all of your family adventures. This five-pack of nets is less than $10 and you’ll find plenty of ways to use them when exploring outdoors with your family. 

If you have a bug-loving kiddo, consider taking a bug-catching kit along with you to help them explore. 

Find all of these supplies and more in our Amazon store! 

Snow Canyon State Park 

Explore the trails and dunes of beautiful Snow Canyon on foot, bike, and horseback. Camp in the peaceful campground surrounded by ancient lava flows and red Navajo sandstone. Discover the secrets of the desert landscape through seasonal nature programs.

Day-use Fees:

Utah Resident: $10 per vehicle (up to eight people); $5 per vehicle (up to eight people) Seniors 65 and older (with UT driver’s license); $5 pedestrian/cyclists (up to eight people)

Non-resident:  $15 per vehicle (up to eight people); $5 pedestrian/cyclist (up to 8 people)

Commercial:  $3 per person commercial use or vehicles with nine or more people

Camping Fees:

Non-hookup sites:  $30 per night;  Hookup Sites (W&E):  $35 per night
Extra vehicle fees (one extra vehicle per site permitted):  $15 per night

Group Overnight Camping:
Cottontail Group Campground: $125 per night.  35 people maximum.
Quail Group Campground: $150 per night.  55 people maximum.

Download & Print your Jr. Ranger Booklet here. Note that there is a $1 fee for a Jr. Ranger badge. This badge is only available in-person.

Make a ‘Big Dipper Star Clock’
(activity/handout from Big Dipper Star Clock 2006, Astronomy From the Ground Up)

You don’t need a watch to tell what time it is at night as long as you can find the Big Dipper.  Long before digital watches or even grandfather clocks, people used the sky to tell time at night.  Follow their example and build a star clock that you can use to tell time by the stars.

1002 N. Snow Canyon Rd
IvinsUT 84738

Holmstead Ranch Resort 

Just up the road is one of our favorite Utah resorts, Holmstead Ranch. Book a night or more there and enjoy the private pond for swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Visit the llamas and tell them we said hello!